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The Team at Hillsborough Recovery Solutions

Dr. Elizabeth S. Stanton, MD, MBA, DFAPA, FASAM

Dr. Stanton is our Chief Medical Officer and Co-owner. Dr. Stanton is triple-board certified in Adult Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, and Addiction Medicine. With over 25-years of clinical experience, Dr. Stanton works to establish an individualized approach to treatment taking into account the goals of each client. Additionally, Dr. Stanton believes in getting to know each client over the course of their treatment and consequently can continually make any additional recommendations.

Dr. Vicki Ittel, PhD, MBA

Dr. Ittel is our Program Sponsor as well as Co-owner. Dr. Ittel began her clinical career as a Neuropsychologist and has been actively treating individuals with Opioid Use Disorder for the past 15 years. The disease of addiction impacts the entire family as does other chronic diseases and Dr. Ittel works with the client and their families to help them understand and support the treatment process. One of Dr. Ittel's favorite sayings is "treatment is about progress, not perfection."

Kelley Fenner, MSW

Our Program Director has over 10 years of experience working in the field of substance use disorders and mental health. Kelley obtained her Master of Science in clinical social work and is a state-licensed clinical addiction specialist associate and licensed clinical social worker with the state of North Carolina. It has always been her goal to build rapport with the clients she serves and maintain a positive outlook even when things look bleak, and remember “never lose hope.'' “Over the years, I have gained a level of empathy and a willingness to help any client work towards a healthy recovery from substance use disorder”.

Break Free From Addiction With Recovery Solutions That Work